Part 15: The Passengers Seat

Whatever happened to me finding a single guy, getting to know him and eventually dating?

There are several types of sidechicks and over the course of these diaries.. you will know their differences.

The young/naive Sidechick
The “I have to be mainchick” Sidechick
The “I love your man” Sidechick
The “let me manage” Sidechick
The “borrower” Sidechick

I started off as a “the young/naive sidechick” with Jamil, most of us have gone through this stage. These sidechicks are fresh in the game and have not figured out what the rules are. They more than likely got manipulated by some guy who is simply preparing them to be his sidething, his little puppet and the fries to his burger. One thing about these type of sidechicks is that they lack liver..meaning they can easily call or pay your wife/girlfriend a visit to tell them every single thing you and him did. And a small percentage of them apologise, regret and leave the sidechick game for good. I was not part of the percentage. In fact, now I’ve found myself in the “let me manage” sidechick category after the events that unfolded with Jamil and Ahmed.

This category involves those girls that hate being alone they begin to manage your boyfriend/husband before a single man or someone better comes along. It’s to pass time and keep the engine running. Exactly what I was doing with Adnan.

Speaking of Adnan, God took his time on that one. Sitting across the table from him , I was in awe of such beauty and perfection. His chiselled jawline was so sharp , it could give you a cut if you stared too long. His lips…he did this thing where he’d lick his lips and then bite the bottom lip in the process..releasing it ever so slowly. This guy Na killer ohhh. If you had a guy like that on your arms, honeyyy you won. He the type of guy you have to apologise to even if he messed up, cause gurll. Alright..enough.

Dinner went smoothly, and I loved the games he was playing. I’d look up from my plate and just see him staring at me with so much awe. This would automatically make me giggle which means he’d ask what’s funny and I’d say nothing …y’all know the drill…he held my left hand allowing me to use the right to eat my penne pasta. Adnan, such a damn gentleman he I see what Aisha raved about most of the time. We stayed parked outside of the restaurant for a while just talking and enjoying each other’s company, I felt special. I was about to claim that passengers seat as mine when it occurred to me that Aisha might have done the same as well. (Girls, keep in mind you are not the first and surely won’t be the last in that car seat🙃🙃🙃🙃..unless it’s your husband, but even that one is another story😉.)

Returning home I felt as though some kind of happiness had just driven off, snap out of it. You know the game, you know what you got into and you 👏🏾 can 👏🏾 not 👏🏾 catch 👏🏾 feelings 👏🏾.

Fast forward a week since I last saw Adnan, things were going well in terms of how he seemed to be liking me more and more. At this point when Aisha mentioned him I’d be imagining just how foolish this girl could be, he clearly didn’t rate her! Lowkey relationships are the best but that’s only if both of you agree to be lowkey, if it’s one sided then that’s just sad and you’re being played for a fool.

Aisha started to develop a liking towards me, like why? Couldn’t we have just remained acquaintances. I’ve learnt her last name now, even though we technically still don’t have each other’s numbers, we would chat on either snapchat or twitter and even stay up all night talking about one thing or Adnan. She was always at my house but I never had the time to go to hers cause I felt my house was a safe haven. Our normal late night conversations began, but this time it was different.

” you won’t believe what I got my hands on! ”

What did Aisha get her hands on? My paranoia began to get the best of me.

Aisha: “I got her number.”

“Who’s number? I asked

Aisha: “The babe that Adnan keeps on fooling around with”

Me: “SHUT UP!! OMG how did you manage? Gurlll you’re such a crook!” I tried my hardest to sound believable but I ended up looking like this.


Aisha: “He left his phone on the car seat but probably forgot to lock it so I had to work fast — it doesn’t matter!! I got it”

Me:”So what will you do with it now?”

Her sister didn’t waste any time in suggesting she call  or text the number.

“Come on Aisha…this seems a bit too hasty. You’re about to break the special bond you have with your boyfriend. Breaching trust is not a small thing, think about it please” I tried to plead


For a second Aisha seemed like she was hearing me out then out of nowhere she went back to the idea of texting the number

All those balls I’ve claimed to have all this while were nowhere to be found, I don fuck shit up now….

I was internally panicking as to whether I should switch off my phone and disappear or let the text come in , because there was no way in hell I was ever replying.

A few minutes later, Aisha messaged me saying she sent a text to the number and it seemed to have been delivered.

Problem was…I never got a text.


So Adnan had girls for days, not one, not two but three.. who knows even more. The number was not even mine, it belonged to some other girl which I confirmed when I asked Aisha to send me a screenshot.

From that moment on I Made it my mission to find out who was trying to take her(Aisha’s) guy, I mean our guy.


You know how they say the world is a small place..well it is, especially in Abuja. smaller than I expected. I found myself at the same place with Adnan, Jamil, Ahmed, XXXXX, & XXXX ..each one in different directions, blowing up my phone..question…who will I go to ? seeing as one of the 5 is actually my boyfriend…

3 boys down , 2 to go..but for now I’m out ✌️ let me give others the floor



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  1. jiddahh says:

    Loved ittt❤❤
    Can’t wait for season 2


  2. Umar Bature says:

    That was lit


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