Part 14: The Tulip Bistro

Technically Adnan says he is not in a relationship, which means what I’m doing here ain’t considered cheating….


In a weird way, I started to miss how honest Jamil was when I asked if he had a girlfriend, and he straight up said yes. Why am I even praising honesty? It’s something that should be a no-brainer, it’s a given. (Never praise anyone for honesty). F*** Jamil though, selling me hopes, and nothing but fake dreams. Come to think of it, he never promised me anything…not a forever, not a relationship, nothing…smart guy. He still stuck by his girlfriend for 2years while I was floating around; confused whether I should applaud him for dating the same girl in the time that I dated 2 guys just cause I was waiting for him. But like I’ve said Jamil, this. Is. Not. The. End.

In regards to Adnan denying any existence of his girlfriend, it all started coming to me. His picture is either Aisha’s header or wallpaper or even display picture ..Adnan on the other hand, had a clear and pristine social media, Aisha was nowhere to be found on his. She would tweet my boyfriend this, my boyfriend that…but he never did the same.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe if his “girlfriend” and I were actually friends, he might have told me the truth. That would only be because it would not be the brightest idea to play two friends.

Aisha randomly popped up on my Snapchat, asking me if I was home. To which she said she was coming by to hang out.  At first, I was confused because Aisha and I never graduated to home visits, hell….I didn’t even know her last name. That made me start to think whether she was bored and had no other options because that was the only explanation that made sense to me.

She came over. One thing led to another from talking about uni choices to prom preparations. She finally landed on the topic of Adnan(which I was avoiding) and she started opening up to me about how she is starting to have her doubts about him. You could see how much she was into him and in that moment I found myself questioning whether I was a good person.

I am a good person.

I am a good person.

I am a good person.

I am a good person.

I repeated it over and over in my head. It was the whole situation with Jamil and Ahmed that ruined me, thought I found love but they destroyed everything I had left in me. Perhaps, I’m just gullible? Yeah, that could be it.

But if he’s not really her boyfriend, that means I’m not really betraying anyone..


Maybe I should come out and tell her as the good person that I was, and tell her how I tried to test out her boyfriend’s loyalty on her behalf, I won’t even demand a “Thank you”. I decided she needed to know.

“Ummm…So Aisha, about Adnan there’s something you should know, we recently started talk–

**snap out of it**

“Helloooo, are you listening to me?” Aisha said as she poked my arm, bringing me out of my thoughts.

Me: “yeah yeah think there’s another girl”

Aisha: “I just know…even when we’re together he’s still texting and blushing, when I ask him who it is he says it’s his childhood friend..they’re “connecting over past memories” he said ”

Me: “oh when was this?”

Aisha: “yesterday when we went to have dinner, like about 7”

I had been messaging him around that time but I didn’t think he was with her. He said he was treating his female friend to dinner at the Tulip Bistro for her birthday. Figured that was actually the truth.

Part of me is thinking how rude of him to treat her like that but the other part is like “take a look at yourself are part of the problem”

Things were better off when Aisha and I weren’t connecting on deep levels like this. I tried to convince and advice her to stay with him and that everything would be alright. Regardless of the moves I was plotting on Adnan…she still had to remain his girlfriend. Ain’t nobody tryna be the main chick, responsible for his emotional wellbeing and needs. Either way, Adnan would never make me a main because when a guy denies having a girlfriend, he most probably doesn’t have plans of making you the main chick either. Cause it is quite risky to have 2 at the same time, Jamil was an expert in that department. 🤗

Already  2 weeks of talking, Adnan talked about how much he’d love to take me out, and we started discussing where and when.

Although it turns out that Adnan and I would end before we even “started”…


One more post till we begin Season 2; New story, New girl


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