Part 13: The Mister on Twitter

So I decided to test Aisha’s hypothesis. In theory, I had already proven that hypothesis to be true from my previous endeavour with Jamal and his own girlfriend. The past 2 years of my life I had been a side chick, you can say I got used to it. You’ve got to adapt, don’t you?

What was my game plan? I didn’t have one

My end game? I didn’t have one either

My goal? I was torn between making Aisha understand that Jamil was not just playing with my heart and emotions, that he was for real and that it is possible for him to like two girls at the same time. Or was I trying to prove to myself that I still got it? I could get any guy I wanted and I was not just hung up on Jamil.

Target: Adnan

Age: 21

Girlfriend: Aisha (8 months)

Mission: Fuck shit up and leave

Deadline: 2 months (Maximum)

Firstly, I went through my camera roll, picture after picture trying to sieve out the one that would get his attention.

*luckily his Twitter was the only non-private one*

I found my best, sexiest picture ever that even I KNEW was my best one yet. I uploaded it, followed him and patiently waited. The trap was set.

As expected, Adnan followed back 2 days later but he took his sweet time. Obviously, I composed myself and waited some more to find the perfect opportunity to enter the DM’s. I know what you’re thinking..this is someone’s boyfriend, well it’s just—never mind. I became like a predator examining its prey and anticipating the moment I would jump in.

I was on the Timeline throwing likes and retweets left and right on his tweets and replying with laughing emojis.

***going to give an example before you guys track poor Adnan down😹***

He finally tweeted something about Nigerian parents telling you not to care what anyone says yet they still tell you not to do something cause people will talk. I jumped into his messages all like “Omg! This thing pisses me off soo much”

We had a straight 10-minute conversation both ranting about our experiences with parents. I then aired his last messages on purpose because I was hoping he’d message again.

He did. “My number one fan…you just aired me, no warning”

Me:”Number one fan??? Lmaoo how?”

Adnan:”You’re the only one that seems to be enjoying my tweets, even the ones that aren’t laugh”

Me:”😶😶😶 well now I’m embarrassed..didn’t think it was that obvious”

Adnan:”Hahaha just why did you leave me hanging?”

Now it begins…

Me:”I’m so sorryyy, my twitter doesn’t show me notifications”(most used excuse in the book)

Adnan:”Ohh..well send your number or Snapchat if you don’t mind, maybe there you won’t air me”

It played out the way I wanted it…we all know when you want to know someone better and you’re feeling have to move your conversation out of twitter and to somewhere more serious like WhatsApp, iMessage or snapchat”

I didn’t even make it my sole mission to flirt with him or anything, Adnan kind of did it all on his own. Telling me how beautiful I am and how I was not like the “typical girl”.

I decided to jokingly ask if there was a girlfriend involved, of course he was taken but how he answered this question would be crucial. A guy could either be honest about it in order to prevent you from having expectations of being his main girl or he could lie and have you think you got a shot but if it takes a while before he makes it official, he will probably hit you up with that “I’ve got commitment issues”. But luckily I didn’t even have to bring it up …

Adnan:”With a face like yours, I’m sure you’ve either got a boyfriend or your phone is swarming with guys”

Me: “oh nothing like that..could say the same about you. Is there a Girlfriend? a little birdie(His girlfriend) told me there might be”

Adnan:”Naaaaaaaa, whichever birdie told you that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”


So is he really Aisha’s boyfriend or has my girl been delusional this whole time claiming a boy that is not even hers? Either way..I’m here for the tea


Part 14 on Thursday, 8pm


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  1. Seme says:

    Looool, you should have dropped 13 and 14 together! Your way of apologizing after being M.I.A for so long


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