Part 12: The Hypothesis

Adnan..what a WOW!
Like I’ve said before we girls tend to fall in love with a lot of what we hear, when I decided I wanted Adnan, I didn’t want him specifically..I just wanted someone like him. Someone who treated me like I was his world.
His girlfriend Aisha spoke him up like there was no tomorrow. As things proceeded it occurred to me why wait and try to find someone like him when already there was someone like him..HIM. First, I had to SEE what was so special about him as well, if his looks lived up to his praises. I was not following him on any of the social media platforms and I could not even stalk him because all his accounts were private, so before I made my move I had to be sure it wasn’t for nothing. In a sly way I convinced Aisha to show me his pictures, which she did so on instagram.
If I told you guys how fine this guy was, it would not even do him much justice.He exuded so much f**king class. But I kept my cool next to Aisha and told her he was fine “small” in order to avoid suspicion. Tall guy, pink lips, kaftan game on a 100, and quite photogenic.
She told me they had met through a mutual friend, he had seen her picture on the friend’s phone and would not stop talking about her. They’ve practically known each other for 8 months now and have been dating for 6. Not too long if you ask me.
It’s sort of the way someone can talk about the new iphone7 so much that you feel all of a sudden you need it in your life even when you are still fine with your iphone6 , and you get it just for the culture. That’s what it felt like exactly.

Let’s clear things first actually ..rather than calling Aisha a friend..why don’t we stick to calling her an acquaintance. Either way I did not have a strong friendship or relationship with her, she’s merely one of those girls you get introduced to through another friend by mistake.

By mistake I mean..when you show up to your friend’s house and they have other guests there so you have no choice but to mingle and hold a conversation with them.
The babe was not so bad actually, it’s just that she talked too much. That’s where girls have to be careful not to boast or reveal too much information about their love life because there is always going to be someone wishing they had what they have, some of the wishes remain as such and others can actually be carried out. I was simply a girl who loved what she heard and loved what she saw even more.

Aisha did say “there’s no way for a guy to be in love with 2 girls at the same time”.

Time to test her hypothesis.


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  1. Wahida says:

    If you don’t update , I’ll send my mothers people to come and kill you . Issa edo + Nupe thing !


    1. Ahhh my dearrr…wetin hot?


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