Part 11: Plan B

Previously on Diary of a Side chick:
Jamil had promised to break up with his girlfriend Khadija for me, which led me to sort of sabotage my relationship with my boyfriend Ahmed. Funny enough, Jamil left me out to dry and decided to stay with his girlfriend.


The L that I took from Jamil was real, how did I let him play with my head anyhow he wanted. I foolishly thought he’d actually leave his girlfriend for me , I guess it was my fault. But then there was something about him that I could not seem to let go.
I came to terms with myself that I had a problem.. a very big one in that case..I always wanted what wasn’t mine.
I could always just let him focus on his relationship with Khadija and face my front but that seemed much harder to do. He was there for me all the time , the best boyfriend I could possibly have. He knew how to make me smile and keep the butterflies in my stomach flying high like never before.
I promised myself that I would do whatever it took to get Jamil to be mine even if it meant crushing my friends feelings. Ruthless …I know.
I started getting more phone time than Khadija did, I texted him every second of the day, sent him snaps just because and it worked because he was finally coming around.
My plan was falling into place , I started to feel like the main chick and he made feel special. Being a side chick was never my plan but I ended up not caring, probably because I felt the feelings I have for him were not my fault at all. I started falling for Jamil before I knew he had a girlfriend so clearly I was not in the wrong.
After all that went down, when I ran into Khadija, I decided to make myself invisible. On a normal day I would rush to hug her but this time I could not show my face , not because I was ashamed but because I felt like she was with MY GUY. Why then would I interact with the girl that’s fighting for his attention ? None of that made sense to me. One thing that made me curious was how much Khadija knew about Jamil and I , but now that our friendship was in shambles I could not even ask her without seeming suspicious. The funniest thing about Khadija and I was that we both probably knew what was going on but none of us wanted to address the elephant in the room.
A few of my friends knew about Jamil and what we had going on, but one friend in particular Aisha warned me to not pursue what I had in mind, no matter how many times I tried to justify it to her.
“You can’t just keep going after someone that doesn’t even respect you enough to be with you. And just you. There’s no way a guy can be in love with two girls at the same time “she said , and her comment made me furious because not everyone would get it.
Aisha tried to convince me to drop whatever it was I had going on with Jamil as she would go on about how much a great guy her boyfriend Adnan was. He treated her like a princess and more. She told me that was how I was supposed to be treated ; like the queen I was because I did not deserve anything less. It was like Adnan meant the world to her. I had everything I wanted in life; my account was shining, I was balling and most importantly I was making progress on being jamil’s only girl but for some weird reason now I wanted Adnan.

Part 12: Monday, 8pm


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  1. R&G says:

    Woooow.. babe… Thank God you are back tho…


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