Part 10: TwoZero

sWhat if I never accepted Jamil on Snapchat?
What if Jamil was single when I fell for him?
What if Ahmed never listened to his friends?
What if I never met Jamil and it was all Ahmed?
All these were questions that I could have never found answers to.

Waking up to the missed calls and text messages from Ahmed, I was almost so sure he wanted to get back together. But instead he informs me that once again another damn friend (rolling my eyes) was going through his phone when he came across my picture and said I had been dating some certain guy for almost a year now .. I hadn’t even been talking to the certain guy being discussed for up to a month talk less about being with him for a year.
Our whole relationship I tried to give him the respect he deserved, I made Ahmed the only guy in my life because this was my first serious boyfriend and I remained loyal but it seems all my efforts weren’t worth it because he refused to separate his friends from me. Funny enough, Ahmed was the one who led me back to Jamil.

Ahmed calls me looking for an explanation and I did just that ,explained to him that what he heard was ridiculous. And I really wasn’t a fan of such tone he was using to talk to me. He refused to hear me out even though no matter what happened I wanted us to end on a good note but he was just looking for a fight. The only other guy there was happened to be Jamil and I even ended things with him to focus on Ahmed so it didn’t make any sense. I was wrongly accused for something I did not even do. It got to the point where I even told him that Jamil was the only other guy in my life and he only made a return not long ago.

He refused to hear me out and resulted to insults. He called me names and what not. Went from sweet nothings to this over a misunderstanding

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 19.48.28
Did Ahmed really think he could talk to me like that and get away with it? It dawned on me..what was the point of having older brothers and cousins when you can’t put them to good use. I gathered them all the next day because I was PISSED. I revealed to them that Ahmed was calling me and saying unnecessary things, showed them screenshots and even sent them each his picture so everyone was on alert because I wanted him to be set straight. That day it was serious business and I was leading the team like..

Clinician Education Session
Thinking of different ways to track Ahmed down and handle the situation.


It had not been up to 24 hours when Ahmed was spotted in town and lets just say it was 11 against 3(Ahmed, Nur and xxxx)..I’ll let you guys imagine what happened after…but at the end of the confrontation I got my apology over the phone, I drank a cold cold glass of sprite and I slept like a baby that night.

Ahmed isn’t a bad guy, he just had a bad case of trust issues and appears to be easily influenced. You came into my life and I don’t regret knowing you, I hope you find a girl who’s worth it and who can make you happy. I wish you nothing but happiness.
If Ahmed had never started misbehaving I couldn’t help but think that I had no reason to go back complaining to Jamil and opening that door.
Speaking of Jamil, I was ready that night of part 8 to receive the long awaited news that I could finally call him mine. He and I even discussed how soon it would be before we went public so that it did not look so shady. But I chopped that L..this is what I got

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 19.55.20

Happy 26th Month Anniversary to Jamil and Khadija..the sky is your limit. It has been a pleasure watching your relationship blossom into what it is today. My mission still is not complete, I promised to get Jamil and that is what I shall do.

2 years..2 guys.. 2:0

Remember how in part 1 I said:

“How did I go from sitting home on Saturday night to notoriously managing to hang out with 5 different guys at Ole?”

If you think these 10 parts have been crazy… the drama is yet to start because 2 boys down, 3 to go. 

Don’t depend on any man. Know yourself in and out and don’t forget to Know your worth

Till next time on Diary of  A Side’s bigger, it’s better.

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