Part 9: Bermuda Triangle

This story is not fictional the only thing changed are the names, Last last you go still read am.

We’ve been dating for 7 months now and probably broke up more than 3 times but there was something about Ahmed , his persistence was key because I loved how he refused to give up on us.
So was I supposed to tell My boyfriend that his cousin Nur made a “move”? I’m not the type to look for Drama, but somehow Drama always looked for me. I wasn’t about to tell him cause then maybe both of them knew what was going on or Ahmed could even decide to choose his cousin’s side.
Ahmed:“Did Nur try anything with you?”
Me:“Why are you asking ?”
Ahmed:“No reason, he can be silly sometimes”

“Silly”? So was it all a joke because after that day Nur kept texting and calling but I didn’t really take him seriously since he was just silly, and I tried to play along.

Ahmed was back so he came by to pick me up in “his car “, we went to have a lunch date at Vanilla. While there he kept getting calls from this one girl but I pretended like I didn’t notice..after the third call he then excused himself and stepped out.He suggested we had dinner at Blucabbana and I agreed. We had just left Vanilla when Ahmed gets a call and I hear him saying my name and where we were heading, next thing I know he’s asking me to direct him to one address. I asked where we were going and he says “to pick up Nur”. So I’m currently sitting in the front seat like…


We arrive at the address and Nur comes out,  Ahmed gets out of the front seat and approaches the passengers seat instructing me to go to the back…at this point I should have made a run for it because who knows what was about to happen.
I’m in the back just acting like I’m not about to piss my pants, and I’m already texting my friend Yasmin of every landmark we passed. I was never a fan of getting into guys cars because who knows if my father will be in the car right across from theirs.
We got a table of 3 and sat close to the entrance, Ahmed got up and went to the waiter to prepare his shisha leaving Nur and I alone. Nur looks at me and throws me this smile..the type of smile that will have a girls heart melt. He starts talking to me and asking if I have thought about everything we discussed. I kept trying to change the topic until Ahmed came back to sit with us, I had never been in such a situation like that in my life. Looks and smiles were being passed around the table and I was not even sure what to make of it. Not being able to take it anymore I called up a friend to take me home and I lied saying my dad was looking for me.

After I was dropped of home, I waited for a couple of hours before I called Ahmed and told him how Nur made a move and I didn’t want to be in the middle of things so we should end it before it gets further.
Suddenly I heard laughter on the phone
Ahmed:“Took you long enough sha, at least you even told me , I thought you never would”
Me:“What do you mean?So all this was a joke?”
Ahmed:“Well I wanted to be sure I could trust you because my friends said I shou–”

Me:“We’ve been together for 7 months, and you thought that was okay? If you love and care for your friends that much then by any means go and date them. For someone who was always pointing out my childishness, take a look at yourself. Ahmed I’m tired of the constant drama you’ve put me through, we’re done.”

I finally felt free again, I could spread my wings and get my baby(Jamil).*cringe*


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 15.47.35

Ahmed refused to let me go, In my head I was like “Bro, Aren’t you tired?”. He calls me and says he is sorry and from that day onward he had stopped listening to his friends, but I wasn’t interested and I ended up sleeping just to show him I was done for real . In my head,  I thought I had the last word.

Next morning I woke up to 16 missed calls and 20 messages.

……Ahmed had discovered the hard “truth”.

Last Chapter: Monday 28th August



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  1. R&G says:

    The last chapter is coming out on my birthday 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


    1. Amie Sparks says:

      I’ll be back here to wish you a happy birthday! And enjoy the post at the same time

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      1. R&G says:

        Thank you

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    2. Obinna says:

      This story has me hooked

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    3. Happy Birthday to you

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      1. R&G says:

        Thank you


  2. Walida says:

    Omg when is the last chapter coming out…when is your birthday


  3. I’m suddenly tempted to send in mine. But I wouldn’t want him to read it. He’s currently reading this one.

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  4. Amie Sparks says:

    I like the end of that opening quote ‘last last you go still read am’
    Hahaha! Na true you talk. I read am finish


  5. Amie Sparks says:

    I like this story big time. Last last, I finish am


  6. abubakar says:



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