Part 8: What’s Louis, my killa?

Jamil is telling me how much he misses me and that he needs me back in his life. He says he’s ready to leave Khadija so that we can finally be together. Should I buy it? I mean obviously the feelings weren’t fully extinguished so I’m tempted at this point to go back to him and leave Ahmed. It just sucked that I went into something serious with Ahmed and now I’m thinking about leaving because what I’ve always wanted is finally going to be mine. I woke up to this message from Jamil..

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 16.34.01

And I was sold. Jamil had said he was ready to end things finally with Khadija, and he’d do it that night just to get it over with. But then now I’m in the middle of a dilemma, I have feelings for two different guys. I told my sisters of the type of situation I had found myself in and they were all like…


Ahmed’s cousin Nur had started texting me and we were planning when to meet up so he could drop off what Ahmed had sent. During one conversation he asks me to set him up with one of my friends and he even gave me his criteria.

“Let her be light-skinned. Slim with a nice shape. She should look good without makeup because it is not every day powder, and Oh! make sure she can drive so she brings herself to our dates and takes herself back home.”

It was as if Ahmed wanted to make my decision easier, he indirectly makes another childish remark once more and I didn’t fail to tell him that I was fed up with them. Not even an hour apart, he calls again shouting because I was sitting “too close” to some guy at dinner. It got to the point where I told him to inform his cousin to keep whatever it is he brought and ended things with him.

“Okay, I am sorry. Just meet up with him ..I pulled a huge favour” Ahmed pleaded with me.

Just so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with all these thoughts and drama , I went out for lunch with my friend Yasmin at Blucabbana. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to call Nur so he could drop the things off. Somehow while waiting Ahmed and I got back together again.

A Hausa demon wearing a navy blue kaftan with some nice ass shades walks in, and he’s looking from left to right, wasn’t sure if he was trying to look for his destiny. But he was one of those guys that knew they were fine and they had to make sure everyone else noticed. He lowers down his shades as I put my hand up waving at him to get his attention. “Hello, beautiful ladies…how are you?” I could see my friend Yasmin already, it was as if she wanted to just devour him instead of the pasta she had in front of her . We exchanged the usual small talk and then he handed me a  bag to which I looked inside and saw a Louis Vuitton box (they were sandals).After he sat there with us for half an hour, I offered to escort him to his car. “I’m not leaving here without paying your bill”he insisted. But after a back and forth argument, he gave up because I didn’t allow him to pay.

We’re walking towards the car and he starts asking me whether I’ve found him a girl

Me: “you can’t have any of my friends, they’re all taken”

Nur:“well then let me have you”

Me:“Me? How? You know I’m with Ahmed”

Nur:“yeah but you two are having problems and honestly he doesn’t deserve you, I have my suspicion that there are others. Since that time we were visiting sparked my interest”

We reached his car and I was like “oh you came with Ahmed’s car?”

“Ahmed’s car?”Nur asked and followed it with some unnecessary laughter.

“This is actually my car, all those times we visited you and I escorted him, I had to because I had other places to be after that. Ahmed hasn’t been completely honest with you, in fact it is safe to say you are mine since in a way all the gifts he has been showering you with are from me.”

Are you speechless? I was too.

Something told me they were both trying to play with my intelligence and it was some loyalty test because I didn’t mention any of what happened to Ahmed but the next day he sends a message saying. “I hope Nur didn’t try anything with you”.

What the hell is going on…..

Next time on Diary of A Sidechick: Jamil here I come..

Part 9 : Saturday 27th, August

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  1. My chest!!..lord knows I can’t take this suspense anymore 😪

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  2. Hannatu says:

    Ghen Ghen! This is HOT!


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