PART 7: Childish Games

My side chick days were finally over and behind me. Ahmed made me feel special, in a way that I had never felt before. Everything was amazing, the love was mutual.

Ahmed was leaving the country soon and he made sure he’d visit every night and sometimes his cousin would accompany him. He hardly ever came empty handed , even if he had to buy a lollipop on the way , he would. A day before his trip we spent the whole day together , lunch at Charcoal, drive around town, ice cream at dunes and then dinner at 355

He had introduced me to all his siblings and whenever he called me, they would each get the phone just to talk to  me. He always tried to convince me to speak to his mom as well but I was shy and felt like it was a little too much. His whole family loved me and our relationship was perfect up until his friends rang in his ear about how “young” I was. They told him that he was most likely keeping me away from enjoying myself by “tying” me down. Since then ,he never failed to make it clear that this was the first time he was dating someone that was younger than him. “I’ve usually dated my mates or older women” he would boast most of the time.

Whenever we were in the middle of heated conversations such as talking about politics or the Nigerian economy , he would say ” just forget it, you’re too young to understand”. As much as that was hurtful , I learnt to just let it go because I didn’t think too much of it.

Due to the fact that we weren’t in the same country, we spent most of the time chatting, skyping and staying on the phone till one of us would fall asleep. But soon I returned to school and my schedule wasn’t as free. He went from sweet talking me to this

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 18.37.21

Ahmed looked for every small opportunity to pick up the phone and shout at me, whether it was because I didn’t reply early, or if I posted a picture with a male friend.

One day I was going through his social media and I saw that he was up flirting with khadija(naa I’m kidding)..he was flirting with a few girls after he said he was going to bed.

Me:“What’s the meaning of that Ahmed?”

A:“Meaning of?”

Me:“Flirting with all those girls”

A:“Don’t act dumb, I know I’m not the only one…therefore you can connect the dots”

I couldn’t believe how Ahmed did a complete 360 and started treating me like I was nothing..I started texting Jamil again because he was there for me, I complained to him about all that was happening with Ahmed which is the worst thing I could have done. I should have been more patient with Ahmed because it turned out that a guy I once  rejected went running to him with lies. This friend told him that I was cheating on him. Ahmed called me to explain everything and apologize, he felt stupid for believing his friend over me. I didn’t rush to take him back, I let him work for it because after all I did love him but he was out of line.

“My cousin is coming back to Nigeria tomorrow and he’s a bringing a couple of things for you, please accept them as a Thank you for giving me a second chance”

I was happy that everything had cleared up with Ahmed and we were going to continue with our relationship, failing to notice that I opened the door  I once thought I closed for good. Jamil texts saying he is finally ready to be with me .

NEXT Time on Diary Of A Side Chick: “Ahmed hasn’t been completely honest with you”(cousin) 

Part 8: Thursday night, 7pm



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