Part 6:The Alibi

It’s the first time we’ve ever met, so I’m full of emotions. I want to get out of the car and just shut the door as hard as I can…but the other part of me wants to stop time and enjoy this moment. I notice that Ahmed was calling me, but I failed to pick up because somehow it felt like I was picking a call of another man in the midst of my “boyfriend”.Ahmed would randomly call me during the day just to see how I was or sometimes he’d call up to tell me he was at a restaurant and if I wanted anything , but I’d always decline. He was a persistent guy and would not take no for an answer, that was ambition right there. Remember how I said I told Jamil about each guy that approached me? Well for some reason I just couldn’t tell him about Ahmed.

Back to Jamil , I know what you are all could I stupidly fall in love with someone I never met..I’m thinking the same thing as well. As they say men fall in love with what they see, while women fall in love with what they hear which is exactly what happened. After Sabali, we had a long phone call with Jamil where I explained to him how he made me feel like I wasn’t good enough to be his girlfriend. And this is what followed …




It was my birthday and I woke up to a gift in the morning from Ahmed, it was a box of 12 cupcakes. The night before he kept on asking for my address , and I wasn’t too sure if it was a good idea but I lost the battle at the end cause he was really persistent. Later in the night , he drops by and comes to drop off another gift. I waited till he left beforey I opened the packages. There was a gold watch accompanied by 4 different types of perfumes along with this

“Happy birthday beautiful. I got you the watch so you can always have my time, and the perfumes are my all time favourites, this way you can think and smell of me every second of the day “

All of that left my sisters, friends, and I like this


I pick up the phone to call Ahmed and thank him for all the gifts

“Don’t mention it beautiful, this is just the beginning. I’m just dying to know now…will you be mine?” he asked

“I’ll think about it, I’ll let you know soon though. Thank you for the gifts once again”

It dawned on me that the only thing stopping me from pursuing a relationship with Ahmed was Jamil. Here I am trying to be loyal to Jamil, a guy that wasn’t really mine to begin with. And Ahmed, a guy who was worshipping the ground I walked on and constantly trying to make me feel special and be happy is willing to be with me and has shown it.  Since according to Jamil I have a boyfriend, I might as well get myself an alibi.

I informed Jamil about my decision to move on which he surprisingly didn’t take so well, he continued to tell me that it was a matter of time before he and I can finally be together but I tried to be strong and not fall back into that “beautiful pit” again. I told him I could not play the waiting game anymore nor could I continue to live a life of betrayal and guilt.It took a while till he finally gave up and told me to do what makes me happy

Finally feeling free and confident that I’ve made the choice to be with Ahmed , the guy who from the start did everything in and out of his way to put a smile on my face. I failed to realise it was only a certain amount of time left till he started showing me his true colours..

Tuesday night Part 7 


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