Part5: Sabali Showdown

“Why is Khadija asking me if you have a boyfriend ? I’m wondering why she won’t ask you herself” said Yasmin(mutual friend with Khadija)
My heart suddenly plunges to my stomach , and I’m trying to concentrate on my driving .

Khadija has played her first move…

There she was, dressed in an outfit that accentuated her curves almost as if sending a message like “look at me, I won”
Khadija starts smiling at me from a distance as our eyes met, she’s getting closer and opening up for a hug…

This bitch is goooooood I thought to myself
“Girl,We really need to catch up!”
I reply with the fakest “Yesss”, and I’m standing there looking at her like this.


After the small talk was exchanged I asked if she was here alone…trying to test the waters to see if perhaps Jamil was parking the car. But luckily I saw her two other friends approaching and one of them was HEFTY!

*Fast Forward*
Deep into the show I see Jamil calling me, “come out, I’m by the parking lot ” he says

I look up to where Khadija was sitting and still saw her there, I wasn’t going to lose sight on her incase she tried to corner me with that huge friend of hers plus her boyfriend was here but for some weird reason she’s been sitting in the same spot.

“Wow you look so beautiful babe, I’m glad I came to see you..damn” Jamil said as I had just made myself comfortable in the front seat.

“Are you sure you weren’t here to see Khadija?” I said rolling my eyes

“How can I see her if she doesn’t even know I’m here?” He said as he let out a laugh

“How could she not know? I am losing it here, what the hell is going on Jamil? Don’t think I was born yesterday because something fishy is going on..”

“I handled it like I said, and we are in the clear”

Now so many things are going on in my head..Jamil and I are finally in the clear, A WHOLE YEAR of hiding and not being able to call him mine is finally over. But poor Khadija, shouldn’t have ended up like this.

“Wow, how did she take it? Because she seems to be so calm about it ”

“I mean was she meant to freak out? After all I told her you and I are really great friends and that you have a boyfriend so there was no way you were into me!. Trust me baby, you know I’ve got a way with my words..she bought it just like that, even I was surprised”

Poor women, we are so vulnerable that we just allow men to toy and control our emotions however they please. Love is a disgusting thing, there Khadija is sitting in the inside of that hall thinking she’s got nothing to worry about but here I am outside the parking lot in her boyfriends car who I foolishly thought chose me over her ..

Just WOW.

“Jamil..I don’t even know what to say” I stuttered as I let out a disappointing sigh.

He thinks he saved the situation not knowing that he let me down completely. A whole year going back and forth with my emotions and my love.

I’m looking at him now, and I’m just in shock. I could not believe the nonsense that I was hearing but I was still about to lose it looking into his eyes because get’s the first time we’ve ever met.

Next time on Diary of A Sidechick(Sunday): it’s time for me to make my move..



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