Part 4: Sitting Duck

Time frame: August 2015

(the stories featured on Diary of a Side Chick are 99.9% true)

“He’ll handle it,” I repeated it over and over again. Now I’m scolding myself, at what point did I ever think it was okay to keep pursuing this? My sister had warned me about a situation like this but I always told her Jamil was different . I guess I should have listened to her from the beginning after all she was unknowingly a sidechick to one guy during his three different relationships.

It’s been a few hours now and I’m a sitting duck because there’s a target on my ass . Haven’t heard from any of them for whatever reason, what on earth could they possibly be discussing?

Ahmed managed to be an amazing distraction while I waited , it’s as if he knew all the right things to say. Right at the beginning of our phone conversation, he asks me if I had Instagram to which I said no to.

“That’s great actually, can’t have all these guys freely accessing and staring at my wife’s pictures”

Him saying that made me blush uncontrollably, I’ve been talking to this guy for less than a day and he already sees me as a potential and a part of his “future”, a topic Jamil always seemed to avoid.

Now I’m all caught up with Ahmed and his life’s plan as well as everything he fancies. And he keeps asking me questions about my favorite designers, what I like to wear at this point he’s even asking for my shoe size it seemed as if sometimes he was flaunting how well off he is in my face.

Almost on the phone for close to two hours , Ahmed says “oh my, I’ve been chatting you up for a long time, I hope your boyfriend doesn’t kill me”

(Nigerian Women/Men never ask you if you’re single straight up)

“Oh don’t worry, there is no boyfriend” I said still giggling over the “killing” joke. Saying that was as if I gave him a green light. As soon as I hung up the call, I get two notifications. One of them was Ahmed who had just sent me N5,000 worth of calling credit even though he was the one who called me(still impressed but he’s still a show off)…and the other notification I was dreading was finally here. Khadija was typing on snapchat. I usually open messages the second they come in because I tend to be a fast replier but this time I let it sit out.

Once it had been 5 minutes since she had sent the message , I approached the phone and picked it up slowly

“Wow, it’s funny that I’m not even surprised one bit. I didn’t expect less from you to be honest. But I’m confused, did you run out of guys in this world to approach that you had to come for MINE?? I don’t blame you though, you don’t value friendship and you definitely lack respect, you good for nothing—” I decide to escape my thoughts and finally open the dreaded message

“Heyyy!!! Haven’t seen you in a while😭, will you be going to the Sabali fashion show tomorrow?” She asked

Waiiitt what?? She must be kidding ..why isn’t she blowing her top off? Why isn’t she cursing my poor sweet mother out..most importantly why is she acting like she just didn’t see me tell her man “I LOVE YOU TOO BABY” among other messages of me confessing my love.

“Yeah I am actually, with a couple of friends,” I replied.

“Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow then!” …she said.

I know what you’re thinking is that it? I’m thinking the same exact thing, I would be pissed if roles were reversed. Or she planning something at the show? Or did Jamil really handle it for real…he did tell me not to worry ..too many unanswered questions. She was just too damn had to be too good to be true!

Khadija……what game are you playing??



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